Alimentor - Child Custody Log App Reviews

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Excellent detailed app!

This app does a great job of keeping track of information related to your children and records related to their care. I think it will make it much easier for my lawyer and I to provide documentation of actual events in court. Definitely makes it easier to keep excellent records.

Amazing app

This app has been so incredibly handy for us. The ability to track the parenting time and show percentages was extremely helpful when creating a parenting plan. There are a few things that could use some changing but hopefully in time these will be addressed.


Absolutely fantastic. Clean, beautiful design, and easy to use. Some quirks (editing single instances of recurring schedules, photo capture is weird), but those things are worth dealing with given everything else you get.

Great app!

Still learning all the features, but what I have used... excellent!

Cant live without this app!

Ive been using Alimentor for almost a year now. It is invaluable for not only tracking actual time spent for each parent with our child, but also for documenting incidents of special interest and things one might need down the road in custody disputes. For example, if my son has a new bruise at school when I pick him up, I snap a photo with few notes for future reference. If he has a bed wetting accident, I log that too. If he tells me of something questionable that happens when hes not with me, I make a note of that as well. You get the idea. This is all very valuable data over the long run. If his mother asks about any bed wetting, I can quickly look it up and tell her when hes had accidents at my house. If she asks about a rash when she picks him up, I can reference my diary memo in Alimentor to give her the details. So, I use Alimentor for time tracking, special incidents of note, and anything else that I may need in any potential disputes in the future. I dont have to rely on memory or what I think has been happening.

Excellent app

Im not in a child custody situation (thank goodness) but this app is really great at tracking and tallying all of my expenditures on my kids. Excellent app.


This makes tracking any and everything related to my child stupid easy. Cant wait to see this app continue to develop! Instant response time from developer with questions and feedback, keep up the good work!!!

A must have!

Awesome for tracking up to divorce and probably after. Makes it easy to show hard numbers on care provided by each parent, rather than guessing.

Love this App!!

Simply amazing! So well done. Im so impressed that I mentioned this to a family law lawyer. This should be a top recommended tool by them to other clients.

Better safe than sorry!

This app works extremely well and tracks everything a single parent needs for court!

A must!

I was so relieved when I found this app. Absolutely thee most important tool during my divorce process. Everything you need is in this app. Beautifully organized. Sharing options are perfect. Saving options are outstanding. Every single detail was thought out. Absolutely parent made. So grateful for this app!

Great tool!

This app is everything you need in case you find yourself litigating with your ex in court for custody or child support. Since in California child support is calculated based on real parenting time, everything you need to do is to print out your calendars with parenting time/percentage from the app and attach it to your declaration/motion/RFO. Worked well for me.

Most Versatile App for Child Custody

I have tried many apps on custody calendar creation and this is the only one that allows me the flexibility I need for my complex schedule. This is vital and has been a huge asset in dealing with custom timing and calendar creation for my kids. The customer support is second to none and the ability to generate reports on the fly is a huge help when talking about custody numbers. This app is a hit and not having to pay a monthly fee to uphold my schedule is a bonus. This is a winner and all ideas and improvement ideas are sent directly to the developer for consideration.


Great app. It had everything I need to co-parent. I do wish they had a website that linked to the app, that is the only reason I took 2 stars off.

Great app to keep track of Visitation/Holiday schedules

I have been using this app to keep track of everything (visitation, dr appointments, holidays, etc.). Putting in the days and setting up the reoccurring schedules was confusing at first but after awhile Im getting better at it. Overall its pretty awesome. Wish it worked with my Apple Watch for notification reminders.

Best app

For anyone who would like to keep track of custody as well as all the financial ties that go with it this app is for you it makes everything easy to categorize

Takes the place of calendars and multiple notebooks

This app makes the process of documenting so easy! From parents or guardians names that are color coded, to the percentage of time each child(s) are with a person. I recently starting using the notes section in replacement of one of my many "custody notebooks" and while I have not done this yet, the option to print out a report of the color coded time percentages is there. I dont have a complaint, this app is very convenient

What a life saver

After a crazy divorce this is the perfect tool to keep records. Especially after my ex is trying to say he is getting time that he isnt. Thank you for this app!!!!

Great App

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars because, as great as the app is and easy to use, it would be great if there was a web version available to use on the computer Sometimes its easier to enter info and print reports from a computer Maybe a thought for the future!!

This app is just what I was looking for

I apsolutly love this app. I works perfect for keeping track of our visitation time and I love I can included pictures and keep track of expenses. Its ver convenient that I can sync the app to all of my devices. Also perfect for court documentation since you are able to export the report to adobe.

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