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Alimentor - Child Custody Log app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 8144 ratings )
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Developer: Tomasz Domanski
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.9.5, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 12 May 2013
App size: 16.36 Mb

Alimentor is an essential tool for divorced parents who seek a fair recognition of their child‑raising efforts. Track visitation time and expenses. Log late pick-ups, missed visitations and disagreements. Compare actual parenting time with the established visitation schedule. See how your custody schedule aligns with daily events and holidays. Generate detailed reports that you can attach to your court documents.

- Record detailed timing of every visitation, add photos and notes
- Use recurring events to set up visitation schedules
- Log late pick-ups, missed or withheld visitations, past due payments
- Control the timeshare percentage, total hours and nights spent with your kids
- Record data for multiple parents and guardians

- Concurrently log planned and actual: visitation time and expenses
- Generate detailed reports indicating deviations from the established visitation schedule
- Monitor the differences between planned and actual timeshare percentage

- See how your custody schedule aligns with daily events and holidays
- Color-coded time bars show exact events duration
- View your device calendar events (read-only)
- Shows entire month at a glance
- Contains built-in holidays calendar (US, CA, AU)

- Easily send, print or save reports in PDF format
- Produce detailed visitation calendars
- Tailor reporting period and contents selection to your needs
- Export data in Microsoft Excel format (xlsx) for further processing

- Securely backup, sync and share your data using Apple’s iCloud
- Avoid accidental data loss when your device is lost or damaged
- Sync data across your own devices
- Share data with other Alimentor users (read‑only)
- Flexibly define access rights for each user (types of events, children)
- No need to create an account or remember a new password

- Search by person, title, note, year
- Easy-to-read timeline shows upcoming events and payments
- Today view Reminders widget
- Automated upload of the spreadsheet and report files to Dropbox or iCloud

To learn more and to view sample documents, visit the Alimentor’s homepage:

Start writing down your child‑raising efforts. Become more organized. Better assess whether or not you’re working towards your goals. Build confidence.

Sharing detailed written information about parenting activities with the other parent regularly is always the best practice. It may encourage a more co‑operative approach.

Record dates, times, exact quotations, actions, facts and what you have seen, done or what you see others do. Stay organized and encourage your lawyer to effectively represent you.

Pros and cons of Alimentor - Child Custody Log app for iPhone and iPad

Alimentor - Child Custody Log app good for

This app does a great job of keeping track of information related to your children and records related to their care. I think it will make it much easier for my lawyer and I to provide documentation of actual events in court. Definitely makes it easier to keep excellent records.
This app has been so incredibly handy for us. The ability to track the parenting time and show percentages was extremely helpful when creating a parenting plan. There are a few things that could use some changing but hopefully in time these will be addressed.
Absolutely fantastic. Clean, beautiful design, and easy to use. Some quirks (editing single instances of recurring schedules, photo capture is weird), but those things are worth dealing with given everything else you get.
Still learning all the features, but what I have used... excellent!
Ive been using Alimentor for almost a year now. It is invaluable for not only tracking actual time spent for each parent with our child, but also for documenting incidents of special interest and things one might need down the road in custody disputes. For example, if my son has a new bruise at school when I pick him up, I snap a photo with few notes for future reference. If he has a bed wetting accident, I log that too. If he tells me of something questionable that happens when hes not with me, I make a note of that as well. You get the idea. This is all very valuable data over the long run. If his mother asks about any bed wetting, I can quickly look it up and tell her when hes had accidents at my house. If she asks about a rash when she picks him up, I can reference my diary memo in Alimentor to give her the details. So, I use Alimentor for time tracking, special incidents of note, and anything else that I may need in any potential disputes in the future. I dont have to rely on memory or what I think has been happening.
Im not in a child custody situation (thank goodness) but this app is really great at tracking and tallying all of my expenditures on my kids. Excellent app.

Some bad moments

As a father this app allowed me to document the time and money spent on my children. These theorys allowed me to show the court my efforts and saved me a ton of money in child support!
Only thing missing from this app is an excel or .csv import option. That way instead of spending day and days recreating all of my existing journal data in this app - I could simply do a bulk import. Other than this - its the best app on the market for this.
I have tried MANY Custody apps. This one is by far the BEST! It has a simple yet elegant design. It is very easy to use and navigation is a breeze. DONT waste your money or time using or trying other custody tracker apps, this is the ONLY one you need!
This app has been very helpful with my custody case. The reporting and search has been key in helping me recall and present evidence, which has really helped my case. Theres only a few minor changes Id suggest, like the ability to add multiple pictures, which I needed for screen shots of text messages. Otherwise, the app works quite nicely.
This really helped me stay organized and was very helpful when I used it for court. Only need to figure out how to link my old cell and new cell together for the information to be combined.
How do so many other apps get it so wrong!? After a couple email exchanges about the features with the developer I am even more appreciative of this app. Being able to export and quantify data about time spent with each parent. Yessss. Thx Tomasz!